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Founded in 1998, Chefwise provides quality culinary tools for the busy kitchen with a range of 'chef quality' dehydrated preparations. Products range from flavourful sauce bases (5 Pepper, Hollandaise and Mushroom) to the Au Jus selection (Roasted chicken, duck and lamb), soup (Lobster bisque), seasoning (Garlic and parsley) and a wide selection of fragrant bouillons, stocks and bases - all just waiting for your signature touch. Special emphasis is placed on offering nutritional-balanced, Gluten Free and MSG free items that sacrifice none of the flavour top chefs demand today. Also earning special acclaim are Chefwise dessert products including a no-bake creme brulee, classical chocolate mousse and caramelised sugar. Where a top chef would have frowned at using prepared sauce bases and desserts, today’s innovators know well made products can help them exercise their creative know-how when it’s needed most, while giving the busy operator more time to explore a larger range of options.

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