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Premier BusinessCare offer business insurance to a wide range of small to medium size businesses across the UK. We pride ourselves as being a knowledgeable, supportive team with a wealth of experience arranging business insurance for the hospitality industry.

As one of the largest industries in the UK, the hospitality and leisure sector has a variety of insurance needs bespoke to each individual establishment. Pub insurance, Restaurant Insurance or Catering insurance would be similar in the covers offered, but may be tailored to cover unique business activities of the different trades.

Public and employers’ liability can be combined with cover for contents, buildings and stock, as well as a number of additional covers to give you protection for your livelihood. For instance, Hotel insurance, Guest House insurance or Bed and Breakfast Insurance can include cover for guest’s possessions to provide a more comprehensive hospitality insurance policy relevant to your trading activities.

If you have a licence to sell alcohol, then loss of licence cover can also be incorporated into your policy. Finding the right insurance to safeguard your business can be challenging, and demands expert understanding of the insurance market to ensure you have the correct cover in place. We appreciate that every enterprise is unique and protecting your business requires a tailored approach specific to your individual needs. We use our wealth of knowledge to make arranging your insurance simple and hassle free.

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