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In challenging times experience can provide your business with the edge to make a difference. Building on over 30 years dedicated hospitality industry experience, both as a promoter and a consumer, Hospitality Marketing specialist James Day, who also founded The Greatest British Hospitality Company, provides experience led marketing support and sustainable partnerships for the hospitality industry, including for operators, brands and support for organisations at all levels.

From marketing Michelin-accredited chefs, curating National Awards and supporting ceremonies, to interviewing some of the finest culinary masters of Britain, alongside nurturing some of the nation’s most innovative chefs from pop-ups to award winners, he brings a wealth of industry experience.

Supported by a dedicated team of food and drink professionals, they will support you with all aspects of marketing, whether it be crisis management, digital solutions and even low cost gift vouchers, they will help build a sustainable and productive strategy within which you can continue to develop your business.

James’s passions aim to support hospitality operators who have a unique story to tell, enabling them to become more engaged with gourmet-lifestyle-experience seeking food lovers looking to discover, explore and engage with Britain’s rich variety of chefs, cookery schools and artisan producers. His focus on low cost solutions delivers results to all levels of independent hospitality providers – delivering solutions without the marketing jargon!

All services are available to suit your business model starting with zero set up and zero commission deals available.

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